Water Activities

Water sports are, without a doubt, Guamís finest offering. Visitors who come to Guam to enjoy the islandís ocean playground can choose from a full range of activities that will take them either over or under the surface of Guamís inviting tropical seas.





Located at the edge of the Marianas Trench, Guam is renowned for its vivid turquoise lagoons, deep sea currents and water clarity. Between December and May, visibility is as much as 150 feet. During the wet season, visibility is as great as 60 feet. The average water temperature is 85įF (27įC) year-round.

Whatever kind of diving interests you have Ė photography, spear fishing, wreck and reef diving, or just a relaxing day admiring tropical fish and coral in crystal clear waters ĖGuam can provide it.

Jet ski, windsurfing, sea kayak, and other water-sports equipment, and lessons are available at some of the hotels. Several companies offer sport facilities in Tumon Beach, Cocos Island, HagatŮa, and other parts of the island.

Water tours are an instant escape from land activities. You can take riverboat trips with a group or paddle by yourself in a kayak. Dolphin watching is a popular way of enjoying Guamís marine life to include seeing jumping spinner dolphins. A dive in a submarine will get you a closeup look at the islandís teeming fish and plant life. Or, try one of the two semi-submersible boats that can take you to some of the best marine sites around Guam. For those that donít want to descend through Guamís waters, thereís a giant aquarium where you can see fish feeding in their natural habitat.

Before you head out to the beach, be sure to familiarize yourself with any local marine life which may be dangerous. Stings, bites and scratches can spoil the best of dives. Itís also a good idea to wear long pants and cotton gloves if you are new to Guamís underwater world. And, donít forget the sunscreen! Stiff penalties are imposed for taking live coral, so please take a camera instead.

Guam's tropical plants are a study of hearty beauty. There are more than 600 species of plants on Guam, of which 100 are trees. For generations, the Chamorros used plants to enhance their happiness, health, comfort, and safety.

There are plants that produce sweet-smelling flowers and trees with succulent fruit. The perfumed aroma of plumeria, ginger, and jasmine permeates the air, and Guam's territorial flower, the bougainvillea (puti tai nobio) blooms in many hues, lending color and form to the island's landscape. Papayas, bananas, coconuts, breadfruit, mangoes, guavas, mountain apples, limes, and tangerilles flourish in the island's ideal tropical climate.